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Vernal Names

As today is the vernal equinox, I decided to do a post on spring names. (Some of these mean “spring of water”, but the image I get of those is one of springtime.)

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The Many Variations of Catherine


Catherine/Katherine is a name with a great deal of history. Naturally, it has spawned a large number of international variants and nicknames. Note that this is not a full list. You can find one here.

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O Girl! Part 1: A-F

There are many of these o-ending girls name lists, but I wanted to add some more unexpected names. Of course, more common ones are in here too! I’ve also included the nationality of usage and the meaning, if I could find it.

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Name of the Day: Lucia

Lucia is multicultural – so multicultural, in fact, that she works in English, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, Slovak, and Ancient Roman (if we could just find a way to get there). I’m sure there are other languages and cultures too – if you know, please reply in a comment!

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