Vernal Names

As today is the vernal equinox, I decided to do a post on spring names. (Some of these mean “spring of water”, but the image I get of those is one of springtime.)





  • Aviv (Hebrew, “spring”)
  • Chun (Chinese, “spring”)
  • Haru (Japanese, “spring”, “clear weather”, or “light, sun, male”)
  • Haruka (Japanese, “spring” or “clear weather” and “flower” or “fragrance”)
  • Laverne (English, “alder”)
  • Maayan (Hebrew, “spring of water”)
  • Xuân (Vietnamese, “spring”)


  • Madhava (Indian, Hinduism, “vernal, of the springtime”)
  • Rabi (Arabic, “springtime”)
  • Vasanta (Indian, Hinduism, “brilliant” or “spring”)


  • Bahar (Persian, Turkish, “spring”)
  • Bahargül (Turkmen, “spring” and “flower”)
  • Golbahar (Persian, “spring rose”)
  • Haruko (Japanese, “spring” or “light, sun, male” and “child”)
  • Haruna (Japanese, (“clear weather”, “distant, remote”, or “spring” and “vegetables”)
  • Izumi (Japanese, “fountain, spring”)
  • Koharu (Japanese, “small” or “heart” and “spring”)
  • Pinar (Turkish, “spring”)
  • Pranvera (Albanian, “spring”)
  • Spring (English, word name)
  • Tasnim (Arabic, “a spring in paradise”)
  • Verna (English, feminine form of Vernon, “alder”)
  • Vesna (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian, “messenger” or “spring”)
  • Primavera (Spanish, “spring”)

One thought on “Vernal Names”

  1. The only names I like on here are Haru (for a girl), Laverne (preferring it on a girl, but I’m fine with it being used on a boy as well) and Pinar.

    I’ve found some more names related to spring, which include:
    – Lente (Dutch – fem.)
    – Vár/Vår (Old Norse, Faroese and Icelandic/Norwegian, Swedish and Danish – fem.)
    – Chunhua (Chinese – 春華 – “spring, flowery” unisex, 春花 “spring, flower/blossoms” mainly fem.)


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