The Many Variations of Catherine


Catherine/Katherine is a name with a great deal of history. Naturally, it has spawned a large number of international variants and nicknames. Note that this is not a full list. You can find one here.

Catherine Equivalents (full name variants)

Aikaterine (Ancient Greek)

Katalin (Basque)

Katarin (Breton)

Katarina (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene)

Katelijn/Katelijne (Dutch) (kah-ta-LIYN/kah-ta-LIYN-a)

Kadri (Estonian)

Ekaterine (Georgian)

Kateri (Mohawk)

Katarzyna (Polish)

Caitlin/Caitlín (Irish) (kaht-LEEN)

Katrin (German, Swedish, Estonian)




Kate (English, and surprisingly, Croatian)

Katja (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Slovene)

Triinu (Estonian)

Karine (French)

Katrė (Lithuanian)

Kaja (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Estonian, Slovene)


What is your favorite variant of Katherine?



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