O girl! Part 3: N-S

Here’s Part 3! T-Z will be coming soon.

Naoko – Japanese, “honest, straight” and “child”

Nino – Georgian, meaning unknown

Ngaio – Maori, “mousehole tree”

Nosipho – Zulu, “mother of a gift”

Nuo – Chinese, “graceful”

Oghenekaro – Urhobo, “God first”

Oyibo – Urhobo, “white”

Pakpao – Thai, “kite”

Pemphero- Chewa, “prayer”

Pirjo – Finnish, short form of Piritta, “exalted one” or “help, save, rescue”

Riko – Japanese, “jasmine” or “truth” and “child”

Rocío – Spanish, “dew”

Rosario – Spanish, “rosary”

Rutendo – Shona, “faith”

Sappho – Ancient Greek, “sapphire” or “lapis lazuli”

Sisko – Finnish, “sister”

Socorro – Spanish, “succour, help, relief”

Sopio – Georgian, “wisdom”

Sumiko – Japanese, “clear” and “child”

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