O girl! Part 2: G-M

I’m back with the second part of my list of  girls names that end in O!

Gro – Norwegian, probably “to grow”

Hanako – Japanese, “flower child”

Hero – Greek Mythology, “hero”

Ildó – Hungarian, short form of Ildikó,  possibly “battle”

Indigo – English word name, ultimately “from India”

Io – Greek Mythology, meaning unknown

Itsaso – Basque, “ocean”

Itxaro – Basque, “hope”

Izaro – Basque, Spanish place name

Juno – Roman Mythology, possibly “youth”

Kaipo – Hawaiian, “the sweetheart”

Keiko – Japanese, meaning depends on which kanji is used

Kielo – Finnish, “lily of the valley”

Kirabo – Ganda, “gift”

Leelo – Estonian, “folk song”

Lilo – German, short form of Lieselotte, “consecrated to God” and “free man”

Madalitso – Chewa, “blessings”

Makoto – Japanese, “sincerity”

Margo – French, short form of Margaret, “pearl”

Marjo – Finnish and Dutch form of Maria, likely “beloved” or “love”

Martirio – Spanish, “martyrdom”

Mio – Japanese, “beautiful” and “cherry blossom” or “thread”

Miréio – Occitan form of Mireille, “to admire”




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