Fresh Flower Names

I admit I was inspired to write this while reading the comments for Nameberry’s blog post. I couldn’t just limit myself to floral names for boys, so here is a list for both genders.

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Freesia is a truly unique name, with less than five baby girls last year named it.

Sakura ranked #2753 last year, with 63 baby girls named after this flower.

Lilium ranked #17943. Only 5 girls were named this spin on Lillian.

Less than 5 babies were named Salvia last year.

Achillea didn’t make it onto the US extended popularity list, with less than 5 babies named it. Perhaps it’s the association with Achilles’ heel?

Zinnia is the most popular out of these names, at #2136 with 89 occurrences.


None of the names Foxglove, Narcissus, Carnation, Thyme, Amaranth, or Mandrake charted on the US popularity data.


Aster charted for girls at #5598 with 23 occurrences. Less than 5 baby boys were named Aster.

Allium, Anemone, Myosotis, and Liatris all didn’t rank for either gender.

5 baby girls were named Alyssum at #16557. It didn’t rank for boys.

Hope you enjoyed!

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