O Girl! Part 1: A-F

There are many of these o-ending girls name lists, but I wanted to add some more unexpected names. Of course, more common ones are in here too! I’ve also included the nationality of usage and the meaning, if I could find it.

Aiko – Japanese, “love, affection” and “child”

Aino – Finnish, “the only one”

Alecto – Greek Mythology, “unceasing”

Amparo- Spanish, “protection, armour”

Atieno – Luo, feminine form of Otieno, “born at night”

Bao – Chinese, “treasure, precious”, “praise”, or “bud”

Callisto – Greek Mythology, “most beautiful”

Calypso – Greek Mythology, “she that conceals”

Clio – Greek Mythology, Italian, “glory”

Consuelo – Spanish, “consolation”

Diamanto – Greek, “diamond”

Echo – Greek Mythology, “echo”

Eliso – Georgian, short form of Elisabed/Elizabeth, “consecrated to God”

Enikő – Hungarian, “cow” or “deer”

Erato – Greek, “lovely”

Etsuko – Japanese, “joy” and “child”

Flo – English, short form of Florence or Flora

The next installment, g through m, will be coming soon!

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