Name of the Day: Nadezhda

Nadezhda is a beautiful name, although it’s probably not usable outside its own culture. It even has a beautiful meaning – hope. Today’s name is a name you could use to honor grandma Nadine, going past Nadia.

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POPULARITY: 16 girls were named Nadezhda in the US last year.

MEANING: Nadezhda is Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Ukrainian, meaning “hope”.


NICKNAMES: Nadia, Dezhie, Dezhda

SIBLING SUGGESTIONS: Adrijana, Djuradja, Ljerka, Mladenka, Apostol, Dimitrij, Venijamin, Timotej

COMBOS: Nadezhda Marjorie, Nadezhda Rosanna, Nadezhda Aisling

AS A MIDDLE NAME: Lilian Nadezhda, Marie Nadezhda, Jane Nadezhda

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