Name of the Day: Luljeta

Luljeta is a pretty darn cool name. It’s beautiful, but for some reason, Luljeta seems like she also is one of those insanely awesome secret agent movie people :). It’s unknown here (and I promise I will do a boys name for Name of the Day soon!).

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MEANING: Luljeta is Albanian, meaning “flower of life”.

POPULARITY: No recorded popularity for Luljeta.

NICKNAMES: Lulie, Lula, Jeta, Etta

SIBLING SUGGESTIONS: Aleksander, Kostandin, Gjergj, Perparim, Afërdita, Shpresa, Flutura, Gentiana

COMBOS: Luljeta Rosalie, Luljeta Elisabet, Luljeta Amélie

AS A MIDDLE NAME: Signe Luljeta, Mairéad Luljeta, Clarisse Luljeta

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