Name of the Day: Ani

Ani is one of those names that every name website has a different origin for. I know two Armenian girls with this name. With its beautiful sound, it could become mainstream in other countries.

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MEANING: Ani could be an Armenian name, given in reverence of the medieval city of Ani. Other sites say that it’s Hawaiian, meaning “beautiful”, or a rare Bulgarian name.

POPULARITY: Ani has never ranked in any country as far as I can tell, but Annie is in the Armenian top 10. Maybe Ani is a variant spelling.

FULL NAMES: Kanani, Angela, Angelina, Ana, Anahera, Anastasia, Anaïs, Andrea, Anneleise, Anneli

SIBLING SUGGESTIONS: Erik, Avet, Davit, Areg, Mari, Lilit, Sofi, Elen

COMBOS: Ani Michele, Ani Louetta, Ani Larisa

AS A MIDDLE NAME: Ecaterina Ani, Elizabeth Ani, Clarissa Ani

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