Name of the Day: Meredith

Meredith is a name for everyone – somehow it’s both feminine and boyish at the same time. It’s also an American name, despite it having Welsh origins. This gorgeous name deserves the spotlight, after remaining steady for a long time.

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POPULARITY: Meredith has only ever ranked in America. It first ranked for girls in 1910 and has been on the top 1000 since 1913. Meredith peaked in the 1970s and 1980s. For boys, Meredith first ranked in 1883. It last ranked in the top 1000 in 1954.

MEANING: Meredith comes from the Old Welsh Maredudd, meaning either “great lord” or “sea lord”.

PRONOUNCIATION: The more common pronounciation is MAYR-a-dith or MER-a-dith, but for boys it is sometimes pronounced ma-RED-ith.

NICKNAMES: Merry, Dee, Dith, Mere

OTHER VARIANTS: Maredudd, Meridith

What do you think of Meredith? Do you prefer it on a girl or boy?

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