Name of the Day: Lucia

Lucia is multicultural – so multicultural, in fact, that she works in English, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, Slovak, and Ancient Roman (if we could just find a way to get there). I’m sure there are other languages and cultures too – if you know, please reply in a comment!

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POPULARITY: Lucia is #230 in the USA, #193 in England and Wales, #7 in Catalonia, #95 in Croatia, #455 in France, #4 in Galicia, #89 in Mexico, #84 in Northern Ireland, #96 in Portugal, #98 in Scotland, and #1 in Spain. It used to chart in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland before falling off in 2012, 2012, and 1974, respectively. See what I mean? One heck of a multicultural choice.

MEANING: Lucia is a feminine form of Lucius, meaning “light”.

PRONOUNCIATION: There are many: The most common here (Eastern US) is loo-SEE-a, but there’s also LOO-sha, loo-CHEE-ah (most common in Australia, as I learned here), and LOO-tsee-ah. There’s also LOO-shee-a and LOO-kee-ah.

NICKNAMES: Lucy, Lulu, Lux, Luz, Chia, Sia, Cece, Luce, Kiki (for the pronounciation LOO-kee-ah).

OTHER VARIANTS: Find them here. Can you tell I just figured out how to use the link feature? 🙂

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