Name of the Day: Josephine

Josephine is a creative classic. It has loads of great nicknames, too. It’s not super popular or unheard of. What’s not to love?

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POPULARITY: Josephine is #147 in the USA, #271 in England and Wales, #116 in the Netherlands, and #195 in France.

MEANING: Josephine is a feminine form of Joseph, meaning “he will add”.

PRONOUNCIATION: JO-sa-feen, yo-ze-FEE-ne, jo-se-FEEN

NICKNAMES: Jo, Jojo, Joey, Josie, Fifi, Posey, Sephy, Fina, Joss

OTHER VARIANTS: Joséphine, Josepha, Josefina, Józefa, Joséphe

Do you like Josephine? What nickname would you use for it? Or do you prefer another variant?

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