Name of the Day: James for a Girl

On pretty much any name website you go to, you’ll find that this name may cause the most arguments. (Well, this and Madison). Most people hate the idea, and claim it is ‘trynddeigh’. You may not have heard of James for a girl before recently, but it’s actually not just a new invention.

POPULARITY: James doesn’t rank on the top 1000 names for girls. Let me repeat that. JAMES DOESN’T RANK ON THE TOP 1000 NAMES FOR GIRLS. Got it? Ok. It was on the popularity list from 1880 to 1989. That’s a little long to be a trendy, unisex, “stolen by the girls” name. It’s peak was in 1928, at place 319.

MEANING: James means “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”.

PRONOUNCIATION: It should be pretty obvious, but you pronounce it JAYMZ.

NICKNAMES: Jamie, Jay, Amy, Koba, Sjakie, Jaska, Mia, Mimi, Jem

OTHER VARIANTS: Jacob, Jacoby, Jacobina, Jamesina

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