Irish Names Part I – Girls

I’m very fortunate that my mom speaks Irish, otherwise I would have to go out of my way to learn how to pronounce some of these (Caoilfhionn, I’m looking at you), but that’s all part of the charm of these names.


  • Áine (AWN-ya)
  • Aisling (ASH-lin or ASH-ling)
  • Aoife (EE-fa)
  • Bríd (BREED)
  • Caitríona (ka-TREE-na)
  • Caoilfhionn (KEE-lin)
  • Caoimhe (KEE-va)
  • Carmel (KAHR-mul)
  • Ciara (KEE-ra)
  • Damhnait (DEHV-net)
  • Deirdre (DEER-dra)
  • Dearbháil (DER-val)
  • Eilís (IY-leesh)
  • Eireann (AYR-in)
  • Émer (EE-mer)
  • Étáin (eh-TAYN)
  • Fionnghuala (fin-OO-la)
  • Gráinne (GRAWN-ya)
  • Líadan (LEE-din)
  • Máire (MAH-ra)
  • Mairéad (mah-RAYD)
  • Niamh (NEEV)
  • Orlaith (OR-la)
  • Róisín (row-SHEEN)
  • Sadhbh (SIVE)
  • Saoirse (SEER-sha)
  • Sinéad (shi-NAYD)
  • Siobhán (shi-VAWN)

What are your favorites? Any you think I should add to the list?

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